The Ordinary: Multi-Peptide + HA Serum (“Buffet”) 30ml


Target multiple signs of aging with The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide + HA Serum (“Buffet”). This fragrance-free formula combines peptides and hyaluronic acid to fight wrinkles, improve elasticity, and leave skin feeling smoother and hydrated.

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Wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity – these are all signs of aging that can leave you feeling self-conscious about your skin. But what if there was a way to combat these visible signs and achieve a smoother, younger-looking complexion? Look no further than The Ordinary: Multi-Peptide + HA Serum (“Buffet”) 30ml!

This innovative formula, previously known as “Buffet,” combines a powerful blend of peptides and hyaluronic acid to address multiple signs of aging simultaneously.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide + HA Serum (“Buffet”) is a multi-tasking formula designed to target visible signs of aging. This comprehensive serum combines a variety of technologies to address wrinkles, improve elasticity, and promote smoother skin texture. It features a powerful blend of six different peptide complexes, targeting everything from fine lines to deeper wrinkles. Skin-friendly amino acids further support collagen production, while multiple hyaluronic acid complexes deliver lasting hydration. This all-in-one serum helps you achieve a firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking complexion.

How to Use:

  1. After cleansing your face, apply a few drops of the serum to your entire face and neck.
  2. For optimal results, use it in your routine before applying thicker creams or oils.
  3. The Multi-Peptide + HA Serum can be used both morning and night.
  4. Remember to always follow with sunscreen during the day, as some peptides may increase sun sensitivity.


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